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Glass Bottom Pool Is Insane

This Glass Bottom Sky Pool Is NOT For the Faint of Heart

From Twenty Two Words

Ever wonder what it is like to walk a tightrope 43 stories in the air?  The flying Wallendas know this feeling, but can anyone experience something similar?  Well, thanks to an amazing glass-bottom cantilevered sky pool in Houston, TX, this experience is virtually reachable by anyone willing to try.  The pool is an amazing engineering feat, but it is not for the faint of heart.

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Monday, 06 February 2017 14:50

Luxury Pool Designs

11 Luxurious Private Pools

From Architural Digest

From Infinity Edge pools to Columned Pavillions, from Belgium to Los Angeles, luxury swimming pool designs can be found around the world.  This post from Architectural Digest showcases 11 of them from around the world, showcasing the best of the best of skilled water artisans.

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Monday, 23 January 2017 14:27

Custom Swimming Pools


From Elle Decor

We are firmly into the depths of Winter, which means dreary, short, chillly days for most of the Country.  Some folks may want to find solace by looking at pictures that harken them back to what seems like an eternity ago:  Summer.  This post from Elle Decor has just the prescription for one's Winter blues:  This post consisting of fabulous, custom swimming pools.  Remember, Summer is just a few short months away!


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The World's Most Spectacular Pools

From Yahoo Shine

Architectural Digest is a legendary publication that celebrates the beauty of Architecture in the world.  When AD decides to recognize beauty, it is someting to take note of.  That is why this list by AD is so special, as it celebrates the most amazing swimming pool designs in the world.  Whether it is a Mexican seaside estate, a Hong Kong private estate, or a swimming pool in an Hawaiian paradise, this list is a must see for the swimming pool and outdoor living enthusiast.

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24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Before You Die

Screw you, ocean. These pools are where it's at.

From Buzzfeed

There are no shortage of lists in cyberspace.  The 10 best this and the 20 most amazing that.  Swimming pool lists are no exception, but this particular list is an exception.  This is a truly amazing compendium of some breathtaking swimming pool designs.  Call it a bucket list for swimming pool vacationers!

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Here's a Look at the Largest Residential Pool in the World

From Curbed

The HGTV show Million Dollar Rooms features some of the most extravagant indoor and outdoor spaces in the world.  This swimming pool was featured on the show, and is billed as the largest residential swimming pool known to be in existence.  The aquatic wonderland features a 40,000-square-foot main pool (filled with 750,000 gallons of water), six waterfalls, a 21-foot slide, a 500-foot lazy river, a bar, an outdoor kitchen, a kiddie area, and more. "The idea of this was to put so much into it that it was just an entire weekend of entertainment," swimming pool designer Cheryl Kuykendall explains of the project, which cost upwards of $3M.

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Aquatic Inspirations

From Pool and Spa News

Pop Quiz:  In what city in the world can you do the following?

1.  Take a gondola ride through beautiful indoor canals.

2.  Ride a three-story see-through waterslide through shark infested waters.

3.  Lounge in Roman bath style pools that cover 5 acres

4.  View an animated fountain show consisting of 1,200 jets set to music every half hour

If you guessed Sin City, then you are absolutely correct.  "These pool areas are really quite complicated," says Andrew Kreft, senior principal and director of design at Lifescapes International, a Newport Beach, Calif., firm that has designed numerous Vegas hotel waterscapes, including Encore Las Vegas, the Wynn, Red Rocks Casino Resort, and more. "They are virtual cities onto themselves [with challenges such as] how to integrate all of the services required, from towel distribution and food service to maintenance and the huge pumping/equipment facilities for the pools."

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12 Head-Turning Hotel Infinity Pools

12 Head-Turning Hotel Infinity Pools

from CN Traveler

Hotel infinity pools overlooking jungles, creeks, and—in one case—a Balinese temple


Maui, Hawaii

What You'll See: The $9 million, 4,100-square-foot pool, which opened in 2009, overlooks the Pacific Ocean, with views of the Island of Lanai and the West Maui mountains.

What To Do: Go swimming and enjoy an underwater music system. Poolside, 60 chaise casabella lounges await, not to mention six 160-square-foot cabanas (two designed by Missoni) featuring flat-screen HDTVs, ceiling fans, and minfridges. There's also a walk-up/swim-up bar, four bubble loungers within the pool, and two hot tubs.

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Splendor Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Splendor Between a Rock and a Hard Place

from Aqua

Located in Canyon Point in southern Utah, Amangiri is a stunning desert resort created by hotelier Adrian Zecha and architects Wendell Burnette, Marwan Al-Sayed and Rick Joy.

The resort is designed to blend into the landscape with neutral tones and natural elements, but it doesn't stop there.

The swimming pool was constructed to accommodate a 165-million-year-old Entrada sandstone rock escarpment. But don't call it an intrusion — the result is an awe-inspiring look that speaks to the harmony between natural and man-made environments. And with king-sized poolside daybeds, an adjacent spa and campfire terrace, this unique poolscape can be admired day and night.

So while you can't move mountains, you can certainly build around them.