Give Yourself a Hot Tub Facial

From Hot Tub Cover Pros

According to this posting from Hot Tub Cover Pros, a spa facia is one of the most expensive treatments avaialable, even rivalling a massage in price.  The purpose of a facial is to utilize hot water or steam to open the facial pores, evacuating toxins and impurities.  Here's the good news: This is easily accomplished at home with your Hot Tub.  Read about the different ways to accomplish the same end in a variety of ways, and start pampering your skin at home with things that you already have sitting around.

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Thursday, 19 December 2013 15:05

A Four Season Guide to your swimming pool



Seasonality is what makes owning a swimming pool in the areas that experience seasonality interesting.  There are specific things that should be done to and for the swimming pool to ensure safety, longevity, and cleanliness throughout the life of the pool.  This posting from gives a great thumbnail sketch of what to do when the leaves start turning, the frost disappears, or old man winter starts to blast us with his frigid wares.

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From Pool Supplies Blog

In cold weather climates, keeping one's outdoor swimming pool open throughout the harsh winter months is always an option.  Usually, it seems like a great idea at the end of the swimming season, while great memories from the past summer are still fresh in the mind.  This idea generally ends up with the homeowner looking out the back window seeing figurative dollar bills floating to the heavens in the form of steam coming off of the pool surface.  Winter swimming can be an enjoyable experience for some, and this posting from Pool Supplies Blog gives you all the positives and negatives about which one needs to be aware when planning to swim laps during the coldest months of the year.

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Top 5 Unique Pools of the World

From Holidays Please Blog

There are many ways to outfit a luxury pool, and then there are the pools that appear in this posting.  Beyond the vanishing edge or infinity edge, you have water features, custom tile, etc. that can make a pool amazing.  These pools, however, feaure Gold Plating, an all-tile pool in the striking color red, and a pool floor with star lighting that mimics the very heavens above.

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Fact of the Week: The first heated swimming pool

NOTHING beats a relaxing swim after a long day's travelling, and a Scottish country house lays claim to the world's first indoor heated swimming pool.


It might be a hard thing to actually ascertain when the first heated swimming pool was concieved and constructed.  This article from Scotsman, however, lays claim to this distinction on this indoor pool located inside this grand neo-gothic mansion of Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute in Scotland.  Built in 1880, the mansion is also the first home in Scotland with built-in electric lighting and central heating, an amazing fact since Thomas Edison didn't patent his system for the distribution of electricity until 1880, and didn't establish the first public utility for the distribution of electricity to the public in the United States until 1882!

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Hot Tubs in Cold Climates

From eHow

Are you an intrepid midwesterner that can't live without the outdoor hot tub, even in the frigid winter?  Even seen those glorious pictures of hot tubs set in the mountains with a snow packed surround, with steam coming off the hot tub while the party rages?  Then this article is definitely for you!  In this posting by eHow, there are some key tips and tricks to ensuring a seamless hot tubbing experience in frigid cold climates.  As we always say, getting into the steaming hot tub and enjoying the super-heated water is the easy part.   What the article doesn't tell you is how to deal with getting out of the tub!  

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Everyone loves having an inground swimming pool, but we can't all live in Arizona, Las Vegas, California or Florida.  The fact is, cold water climates present a unique challenge for swimming pool owners.  Not only are the seasons limited to a few short months, the harsh climate can wreak havoc on pool equipment, pool decking, and pool finishes.  In this post from, the reader is given some basic important tips to remember when dealing with a swimming pool in the harsh colder climate after Labor Day and before Memorial Day.

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The World's Most Spectacular Pools

From Yahoo Shine

Architectural Digest is a legendary publication that celebrates the beauty of Architecture in the world.  When AD decides to recognize beauty, it is someting to take note of.  That is why this list by AD is so special, as it celebrates the most amazing swimming pool designs in the world.  Whether it is a Mexican seaside estate, a Hong Kong private estate, or a swimming pool in an Hawaiian paradise, this list is a must see for the swimming pool and outdoor living enthusiast.

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Bucket list of 24 amazing pools to visit

The 24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Once In Your Life

From Travelrew

If you are looking for some exotic destinations to experience fun in the sun, and love swimming pool and outdoor environments, then this list is for you!  These are some of the most exotic and breathtaking vistas that are in existence from all over the globe.  Check out this post and see how many of these amazing swimming pools that you can visit in your lifetime!  This is truly the swimming pool conniseur's bucket list!

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Thursday, 05 December 2013 15:15

Celebrity Swimming Pools are over the top!

7 Celebrity Pools From Architectural Digest That Have Us Craving Fun In The Sun (PHOTOS)

From Huffington Post

Americans love their celebrities.  Shows like MTV Cribs, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, etc. fulfill the voyeristic tendencies of americans to take a peek into the amazing and sometimes ridiculous lives of celebrities.  One area that these A-listers don't skimp on is their outdoor living spaces.  This post from Huffingon Post shows just how luxurious the outdoor spaces of Frank Sinatra, Sylvester Stallone, and Cher actually are.  

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