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Barrington, IL Freeform Swimming Pool and Spa

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Barrington, IL Freeform Swimming Pool and Spa

This freeform swimming pool and spa offers ample activity space for the entire family. Measuring nearly 1,100 square feet, the pool is 3'6" at the shallow end and has a 9'0" diving well. Apportioned with a 25'0" bench for ample seating and recreation space, the pool also has a removable basketball hoop for family games. The hot tub is 8'0" in diameter, flush on grade and separated from the main pool. Full-range bluestone coping surrounds the pool and spa and connects to ample full-range bluestone decking. The pool is equipped with variable-speed pumps to provide the cleanest, most energy-efficient system available.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 16:59

Winnetka, IL Sport Pool in Smaller Backyard

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Winnetka, IL Swimming Pool in Small Backyard Optimizes Space

Just because one's backyard doesn't have multiple acres of free available space doesn't necessarily mean that one can't have a fabulous luxury swimming pool. This pool in Winnetka, IL illustrates what sound design principles can produce when a designer is presented with a limited space. This 10'0" x 20'0" sport pool has an automatic safety cover with custom walk-on stone lid system. A full-end bench provides ample seating for bathers and loungers at one end of the pool, and a Badujet swim resistance system at the opposite end provides ample opportunity for swimming exercise. LED lights give the pool a subtle luminescence in the evening, and an in-floor cleaning system makes keeping the pool clean and tidy virtually effortless. Indiana Limestone coping surrounds the perimeter, and is met by turf on two sides and Turkish travertine on the other two sides.

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New Buffalo, MI Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

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New Buffalo, MI Swimming Pool and Spa features Planked Limestone Decking and Ipe Spa Surround

This pool and spa in New Buffalo, Michigan features a raised spa with ipe wood decking surround. The pool is 18'0" x 45'0", and the spa is 8'0" x 10'0". Both pool and spa have automatic safety covers with custom walk-on lid systems. The pool deck is planked limestone to look like hardwood flooring, and is perfectly accentuated by the ipe spa surround. The pool coping is Valders Wisconsin Limestone in Buff color with a modified square edge. Both pool and spa have colored lighting. The swimming pool has an in-floor cleaning system and automation which allows the homeowner to control the system from his smart phone.

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Hinsdale, IL Swimming Pool and Raised Spa 

This updated traditional swimming pool is 20'0" x 45'0", with a raised 8'0" x 8'0" spa and a 4'0" waterfall feature spilling into the swimming pool. The spa is adorned with custom inlay Limestone cladding, giving an homage to the old world lap pools. Both the swimming pool and spa have LED colored lights. The top of the pool and spa are finished with Valder's Dovewhite Sandblasted Limestone coping. The Squared edge stairs with corner radius and an attached 10' of Bench keep the geometric symmetry intact. Glass tile around the pool and spa perimeter waterline, accent tile on pool steps and benches, and inside of the spa on the vertical and back leg areas as well was as the edge of the spa bench, finishes the look.

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Trout Valley, IL Indoor Swimming Pool and Spa

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Indoor Swimming Pool and Spa in Trout Valley, IL

This indoor pool in Trout Valley, IL is 19'0" x 40'0", with an 8'0" x 12'0" spa inside of the pool. The top step serves as a sunshelf, or transitional entry point and lounging area. Both bodies of water can be covered with the Automatic cover system with custom stone walk-on lid. Both the pool and the spa have LED lighting. The spa perimeter, pool perimeter, and spa dam wall have custom deco tile inserts. Walnut Travertine coping adorns the perimeter of the pool, providing a welcome delineation from the pool to the deck.

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This traditional looking pool and spa have some modern updates. The pool measures 20'0" x 45'0", and the raised spa is 8'0" x 8'0" with a waterfall feature spilling into the pool. The shallow end of the pool is outfitted with a 6'0" x 16'0" thermal shelf, which has bollard-style jets giving the shelf a vertical element. Both the pool and spa have automatic swimming pool covers, and LED lighting. The brick fascia on the raised spa and the alternating-color Vermont Slate tile gives a unique finish to this elegant aquascape. Full-range bluestone completes the look on the deck and patio.

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Al Rashid view 1 day smaller

This unique swimming pool environment behind a mediterranean-style house features a 28'0" x 36'0" swimming pool with scalloped edges. 6 arching laminar flow jets adorn the perimeter, and they are accented with colored lighting to light the unbroken streams at night. The pool and spa have colored lights as well, making the views at night spectacular. The spa, which is raised 18", has a 3'0" waterfall feature into the pool, and is adorned with custom stone on the deck side and tile on the pool side. The pool has a 34'0" bench and 7'0" x 12'0" swim-out for swimmers to rest upon, and the custom fabricated bar with 9 bar stools covered in 2" x 2" tile gives swimmers a welcome conversation area.

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 lake geneva 2

This project built in Fontana, Wisconsin features our shotcrete swimming pool and raised spa. The pool measures 20'0" x 45'0", and the spa is 8'0" x 8'0". The project also has an in-floor cleaning system for extremely low maintenance, LED bubblers on the 6'0" x 20'0" thermal ledge, LED Laminar flow water features around the pool, LED Pool and Spa lighting, Valders Wisconsin Limestone coping around the pool and spa, natural slate tile with glass tile interspersed into the perimeter of the pool and spa, 18" water feature spilling into the pool, volleyball and basketball systems, and an automatic swimming pool cover.

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From Luxury Pools

Once only the purview of celebrities and the rich, a swimming pool is a luxury that has slowly matriculated into middle america.  Those fortunate enough to enjoy the relaxation and recreation that a backyard swimming pool provides are becoming increasingly large in number.  The homeowners in a good portion of the country that experience chilling winters, however, have their swim seasons cut short each and every year, and have to pack the equipment away and winterize the pool until the spring.  If one's own swimming pool is considered a luxury item, then an indoor pool for these seasonal warriors should be considered the ultimate luxury.  Year-round family fun and privacy are just some of the benefits of an indoor pool, and these amazing indoor pool rooms from Luxury Pools illustrate the pinnacle of the art.

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Why salt systems are not recommended for hot tubs

From Aqua Palace

Hot tubs are a great luxury, especially in the winter.  Soaking in the super-heated water has legion benefits including relaxation, improved circulation, weight loss, lower blood pressure, etc.  However, many hot tub owners have been sold on utilizing salt water cholorination for their tubs, which according to Aqua Palace, is probably not the right system to use.  This post illusrates how salt water chlorination systems have been over-hyped and over-sold, especially for hot tub applications.  This is a classic case of caveat emptor, and the wise consumer would be best served to do his or her research before assenting to utilizing a salt water system, especially in a hot tub.

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