Pentair Swimming Pool Deck Jets with Led Lights

From Swimming Youtube Channel

Backyard swimming pool designs have definitely evolved over the last 40 years.  The standard rectangle or kidney shape with a set of stairs and perimeter tile was once considered state of the art.  Today's outlandish swimming pool designs bring the Las Vegas-style light, water and fire shows into homeowner's backyards.  Pentair presents one such amenity that can give any swimming pool or backyard area some much needed pizazz.  The Deck Jets and LED Lighted Laminar Flow water jets add drama, volume, and that certain element that your inground swimming pool project might be missing.

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17 Fabulous Pool Fountains 

These state of the art examples of swimming pool fountains take your outdoor design to the next level.

From HGTV Gardens

The sound of moving water can add so much to any space.  Whether it is the soothing sounds of a delicate babbling brook, the dramatic thundering splash of a waterfall, or the elegant touch that dancing nozzles bring to a space, water fountains add a vertical and animated element to any outdoor living space.  This post from HGTV Gardens presents 17 luxury fountains that are part of an inground swimming pool and/or hot tub or outdoor living space with pool.  Be sure to take special notice of the three projects that were designed and built by Platinum Pools in this post!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Reality Check

The exterior world becomes the dominant theme in this interior pool which features a painted ceiling of birds and clouds and a pool that symbolizes the ocean with its giant clam shell fountain. Designed by Platinum Poolcare, the fountain is a fiberglass shell with hand-painted ceramic tile from Wales.

Perfect Pour

Nighttime lighting gives this backyard pool a sense of intimacy and a touch of class with a top of the line pour fountain from Platinum Poolcare.

Laminar Flow Fantasy

What might have started out as an ordinary swimming pool is transformed into an aquatic fantasyland by Platinum Poolcare. They installed eight LED laminar flow fountains and designed a fitting showpiece at the far end—a sculpture fountain mounted on a concrete basin with limestone and brick fascia and an exposed aggregate interior.

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7 Luxury Swimming Pools That Have To Be Seen To Be Believed (PHOTOS)

From Huffington Post

Design Inspiration for your own outdoor living area can come from just about anywhere.  Many potential swimming pool owners have seen a feature or layout that they loved from a neighbor's pool.  Others can find features or amenities that they want to incorporate into their own backyard design from a waterpark or vacation swimming pool.  This post from Huffington Post brings the sublime luxury swimming pool designs from around the world right to your computer screen.  While you are saving the cost of travel to actually plunge into these amazing swimming pools, you may have to shell out some money to bring them to your own backyard!

Here is an excerpt from the post:

A high-end home would just feel incomplete without a swimming pool. And if you're going to have a professional that will take care of this feature, you might as well make a big splash. (Pun totally intended.) So, how does one improve on a pool? Well, you could put it on a roof, for starters. Or, you could go really, really over-the-top and install a bronze sculpture of yourself beside it. recently rounded up a list of seven luxury swimming pools that border amazing and extreme -- you decide. So go ahead and dive into our slideshow of aquatic oases, and let us know which one you wouldn't mind taking a dip in.

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Swimming pool chillers are making a splash in hot markets

From PR Newswire

Many people are familiar with using a gas-fired heater, or a heat pump, or even a heat-exchanger to heat up their inground swimming pool.  Most people don't realize, however, that in certain climates, heating up the pool isn't the issue.  When temperatures soar for an extended period of time, virtually in any climate, the swimming pool water rises commensurately.  Swimming pools with automatic pool covers that remain closed for extended periods of time will experience a spike in swimming pool water temperature as well, and this is usually undesirable.  Temperatures over 90 degrees in the water will cause chlorine and other sanitizers to dissapate quicker, and will throw off the water balance to an unsafe condition.  Not to mention that water temperatures in this range are uncomfortable for extended periods of time.  

Enter the Pool Chilller.  Glacier Pool Chillers utilize an air-cooled mechanism to cool the swimming pool without using freon or gas like a heat pump on chill setting, and will cool the water temperature 10-15 degrees fahrenheit.  

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From Pool & Spa Outdoor

Ask any pool owner who either maintains their own pool, or pays a swimming pool maintenance company to service their pool, and they will tell you that owning an inground swimming pool can be alot of work.  Skimming the pool, checking the chemicals, keeping leaves and debris out of the pool, cleaning out the skimmer baskets, checking the chemicals, etc. etc. can all detract the swimming pool owner from enjoying the pool, which is why they have the swimming pool in the first place.

Luckily, like every other thing in our modern society, technology is making the swimming pool owner's life easier.  In this list from Pool & Spa Outdoor, 6 of these products are presented as the means to make the swimming pool owner's life a little easier, and could potentially add to their time on the pool lounger.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Routine maintenance is a necessary part of pool ownership—and it's easier than you think. Thanks to technological advances in swimming pool equipment, pool care has become more simple, convenient, and efficient than ever. Here are six pool tools that will make taking care of your pool a quick and easy process.

1. Automatic Pool Cleaner

Automatic pool cleaners automate the otherwise manual task of removing dirt, leaves, and other debris from the pool. There are different types of automatic pool cleaners and most manufacturers offer a variety of models to fit any swimming pool, budget, or lifestyle.

Suction-side pool cleaners are the least expensive option, ranging in price from $200 to $500. These cleaners attach to the suction (input) side of the pool's filter system and suck up dirt and other fine particles and transfer them to the skimmer.

Some models come with a separate filter bag to keep large debris from building up in the skimmer basket while others contain features that remove algae. For instance, the foot pad on the Kreepy Krauly® SandShark™ (pictured at right) has rows of squeegee-like fins that wipe away dirt and debris from vinyl, gunite, or fiberglass surfaces as the unit moves across the pool's floor.

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Two skyscrapers joined by a bridge that is a swimming pool

From Sploid

There are some pretty unique, breathtaking swimming pool designs in the world.  Some utilize amazing technology to create illusions, some have see-through floors and walls, and some use rare and expensive materials to achive the pinnacle of design.  This particular design, however, might be the most amazing that you will ever see.  This 50-meter swimming pool in Singapore, sits atop and adjoins two 38-story condominium buildings.  The swimmer can literally swim from one Skyscraper to the next in this amazing bridge swimming pool.  It really just has to be seen to be believed.

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Instabeat is the "Google Glass" for Swimming

Instabeat is the first waterproof heads-up monitor that tracks, stores, and displays instant feedback of your heart rate during your swim to optimize your training and allow you to achieve your peak performance.

Aiming to make swimming performance a social event, Instabeat is an Indiegogo-funded start up that has one of the most unique products in the swimming pool industry.  Instabeat attaches to any swimming goggle, and provides a heads-up display for the swimming to allow them to monitor their personal performance, heart rate, and track other aspects of their performance to ensure the optimal training regimen.  

From the Instabeat Website:

Instabeat is a sports technology startup based in Lebanon, founded in 2011 by Hind Hobeika out of a need for a heart rate monitoring device for her practices. A former professional swimmer herself, she got the idea while training for the American University of Beirut's swimming team.

As seen in the Olympics, professional athletes need to heavily rely on technology to improve their workout. Swimming is the most challenging sport to track because in addition to being waterproof and accurate, the monitor's design should not hinder the movement of the swimmer and create discomfort or drag forces.

At Instabeat, we believe in the power of tracking to achieve both training optimization and increasing wellness. We are creating the first swimming tracking device that ticks the above requirements while giving real-time feedback of performance.

We've had an amazing start so far. We won the 3rd prize of the Stars of Science competition in 2010, 1st prize of the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab Business Plan competition in 2012, and we have been around the world to promote self-tracking and swimming. We are also the pioneers of the Quantified Self movement in the Middle East.

We want to empower every athlete with innovative and non-intrusive tools to track, improve and master their most intricate trainings, one sport at a time, starting with swimming.

Instabeat has raised 161% of their funding goal to date, so it will only be a matter of time until you see these in swimming pools across the World.

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Solar Pool Heater Books

From Solar Industries

Those who are fortunate enough to own an inground swimming pool are familiar with the ongoing energy costs of operation.  Even the newest energy-efficient swimming pool pumps, filters, and heaters can cost alot more to operate than the typical person is anticipating.  Many astute inground swimming pool owners have turned to alternative energy sources and systems to help reduce their costs, such as geothermal, wind, and solar.  This post from Solar Industries gives a nice primer on Solar Heating of swimming pools, and also introduces a book that will give the prospective solar swimming pool heater customer all of the relevant information that they would need to get started.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

A heated pool doubles or triples the swimming season and becomes a pool that is used. The primary reason why many people own a pool is for having fun with family and friends, in a relaxed atmosphere. According to Good Housekeeping magazine a solar pool system adds 100% of it's cost to the value of the home. In 2004 almost 14 million sq. ft. of solar pool collectors were installed on about 40,000 pools, doubling the 6.7 million sq. ft. produced in 1998. Solar pool heating systems typically use low cost unglazed copolymer collectors. These have a much higher efficiency when they only need to heat large volumes of water a few degrees. The basic components; solar pool collectors, automatic control, diverter valve, and associated sch. 40 PVC pipes are simply added to the existing pool pump, timer and filter. A conventional back-up heater can also be added to backup a solar system. An installed system may vary in price from $2,900 for a 200 sq. ft. pool with 200 sq. ft. of collector area, to $7,500 to $8,000 for an 800 sq. ft. pool with 800 sq. ft. of collector area.

Solar pool heating systems typically take three to five average days to reach their maximum pool temperature and to maintain that temperature. A solar pool heating system can heat your pool 15 degrees F warmer than it would normally be without the system. By also adding a pool blanket or cover, the pool can be heated 18 degrees to 25 degrees F.

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How to select a sunscreen

From The American Academy of Dermatology

Should you choose an SPF of 50, or is an SPF of 50 enough?  How do you know if you are protected from UVA and UVB rays, and why does it matter?  These and many other confusing aspects to sun protection are addressed in this handy infographic from the American Academy of Dermatology.  Eliminate the confusion, and protect your family this summer while you are at the beach, or just lounging and splashing around your very own inground swimming pool.

Here is an excerpt from the infographic:

Do you know that some sunscreens can prevent sunburn, reduce your risk of getting skin cancer, and help prevent early signs of skin aging? This infographic tells you how to choose a sunscreen that does all three.

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