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The Best Infinity Pools In The World

The 10 Best Infinity Pools in the World

From Conde Nast Traveler

The infinity edge pool is an artistic marvel that invokes splendor and serenity.  Sometimes referred to as a vanishing edge, disappearing edge, or negative edge swimming pool, this treatment creates an optical illusion that the water in the swimming pool is disappearing over the horizon.  Some of the most exclusive resorts in the world feature this technical marvel, some of which are showcased in this post from Conde Nast Traveler.

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Infinity Edge Pools Are Spectacular


From Supercompressor

The infinity edge pool has been known by many names: The Negative Edge Pool, The Zero Edge Pool, The Vanishing Edge Pool, and more.  Regardless of whatever one calls it, there can be no doubt that this innovation in swimming pool edge design has propelled the art of designing a heretofore mundane art into the stratosphere.  Skilled watershapers are advancing the edge treatment further yet with Lautner Edges, and Perimeter overflow designs.  This post from Supercompressor shows some over the top examples of the Infinity Edge design in this amazing post.

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Luxury Condos with Private Pools

In buildings like ONE KL in Kuala Lumpur, the Honeycomb in the Bahamas, Bandra Ohm in Mumbai and Porsche Design Tower in the Miami area, developers are installing private pools in every unit.


Builders and Developers have been stepping up their game, according to this article from the Wall Street Journal Online, to compete with Luxury Residential Homes.  These forward-thinking builders have been trying to replicate the experience of home ownership with Condominium Living, right down to providing the ultimate residential luxury, a private swimming pool.   Who wouldn't want the experience of swimming with their family in their own private swimming pool, while enjoying the myriad benefits of Condominium living?  

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The latest weapon in the luxury high-rise arms race: a private pool in every unit on every floor.

At ONE KL, a 35-story luxury building in Kuala Lumpur completed in 2009, the building's tagline boasts, "94 Apartments, 95 Swimming Pools." In the Bahamas, each of the 34 units at Honeycomb, a condominium with a hexagonal-patterned facade that's expected to be completed in mid-2016, will have a 70-square-foot pool with a transparent edge, offering views of the marina and ocean. And in Mumbai, 30 stories of about 100 residential units at Bandra Ohm will include crescent-shaped pools on balconies enclosed in acrylic, the same material used for large aquariums. Site work is expected to begin next year.

At ONE KL, a 35-story luxury building in Kuala Lumpur completed in 2009. The building's tagline boasts '94 Apartments, 95 Swimming Pools'. ENLARGE

At ONE KL, a 35-story luxury building in Kuala Lumpur completed in 2009. The building's tagline boasts '94 Apartments, 95 Swimming Pools'. SCDA

More residential high-rises are trying to stand out from the competition by replicating the outdoor spaces typically found in single-family homes, offering everything from larger balconies to rooftop kitchens. Private pools are the latest frontier, says James Law, the Hong-Kong based architect designing Bandra Ohm. On the day the building's plans were released, 1.2 million hits on his firm's website crashed its servers.

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24 amazing pools from all over the globe

24 Amazing Pools You Need To Jump In Before You Die

From Architecture Art Designs

The swimming pool at its best can be an amazing vehicle for artistic expression.  Add an exotic location to the mix, and you have a recipie for nirvana.  This list from Architecture Art Designs gives you the simple photographs of some of the most exotic, breathtaking, amazing swimming pools in the world.  This is a must see list of amazing swimming pool designs!

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10 Infinity Pools That Will Make You Want To Swim... Forever (PHOTOS)

From Huffington Post

Critics opinions are mixed as to the origins of the infinity edge design.  Whether inspired by rice paddies in the ancient orient, french fountains, or John Lautner's original design, the infinity edge design has captivated the imagination of design professionals and homeowners alike.  The illusion created by the unique water-in-transit design, as well as the amazing reflective qualities of the water emphasized by the rim-flow are truly inspiring.  This catalog by Huffington Post gives you 10 breathtaking infinity edge designs, representing the pinnacle of the art form.

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What is an infinity pool?

Infinity-edge pools are meant to be photographed. They are the ultimate in luxury, taking the concept of a private residential swimming pool to an entirely different level. Done right -- and they almost always are -- infinity pools give the illusion of a sheet of water dropping off over the edge of the property, like a waterfall, although you can't see or hear falling water.

That's because the water doesn't fall. The water that spills over the edge, usually into a catch pool or basin a few feet-or-so below the vanishing edge, is recycled back into the swimming pool. To work properly, an infinity-edge pool requires carefully calculated and maintained water levels, strong, solid construction to support thousands of gallons of water and a level edge over which the water can flow.

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