Water Features

To see more image of various water features view our gallery here.

The possibilities to augment a swimming pool environment with water features are legion.  Water features can be designed to accent the overall landscape, or to integrate with the swimming pool itself.  Waterfalls and fountains can be constructed of architecturally-cut stone or metals for a more traditional or modern look, or can utilize stacked stone, boulders, field stone or other more rustic materials for a more natural look.  Water walls are vertical surface fountains, usually a raised wall, in which the water slowly sheets down the face.  The fascia material on the face can be made to agitate the water throughout, or intermittently to create whitewater or alter flows.  Vertical fountain displays like bollard jets, deck sprays, or laminar flow jets give a volumetric element to the waterscape, and these can all be accented with colored lighting for a dramatic effect.  Raised spas can have a spillover feature into the pool, or a manufactured manifold “sheer” effect to create a heartier spillway into the pool.  Statuary can also be utilized inside and outside the pool to create fountains or water features, and are a very elegant accent.


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