Pool Lighting

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Underwater swimming pool lighting has come a long way. Your grandfather’s pool probably had one or two incandescent lights (if any), that shined a very concentrated beam into the pool. Advances in fiber optics and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) provide energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing illumination for swimming pool owners. Colored lights with their pre-programmed light shows can be synchronized with ambient landscape lighting to provide a holiday-themed or party atmosphere. The penumbra of lighting is soft, gradual, and thorough with LED lights, providing even coverage and fewer “hot spots” inside the pool. LED lighting can also color laminar flow water jets or bubblers on a deck or sun shelf.


A truly sublime application of lighting is to utilize the polished ends of fiber optic strands at numerous locations to create a star floor. A star floor brings the luminescence of the stars in the night sky to the floor of the swimming pool. Stars can be placed randomly, in a pre-determined custom pattern such as a child or pet’s name, or can mimic the actual locations in the mirrored sky above, providing recognizable constellations inside the swimming pool.