Indoor Pools

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Indoor swimming pools allow swimmers to enjoy the recreation, exercise, and relaxation of the outdoor swimming pool all year round. For homeowners in the Sun Belt and other temperate climates, the indoor pool might not be a necessity. However, for a good portion of the country that experiences harsh winters, the indoor pool is the perfect addition to any home.

Indoor pools provide a climate-controlled environment for adults and children alike. Kids can have pool parties and enjoy swimming and frolicking during even the coldest months of the year. Adults can continue swimming laps and water aerobics during the same season, avoiding the annual task of winterizing that an outdoor swimming pool necessitates.

Material choices are crucial to indoor pool designs. The swimming pool and hot tub proper can be designed and built exactly as an outdoor swimming pool would. Automatic pool covers are actually quite important on an indoor pool to keep the humidity down. Deck materials as well as the building materials in the natatorium or pool space need to be carefully considered, as they have to be resistant to moisture and corrosion from a humid environment. Even though the ambient air temperature in a Natatorium is ideally about 10 degrees higher than the pool water, the environment can still be quite humid and corrosive. Dehumidification and air handling systems are crucial in these applications, and omitting this feature will not only make the environment uncomfortable for the users, it could be potentially quite dangerous. Decks need to have ample drainage so that water doesn’t migrate and travel to other areas of the deck, and potentially migrate to areas in which it could cause damage.


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