Commercial Pools

A pool used by many people or by the general public is considered a commercial or public swimming pool. Commercial pools include fitness centers, private clubs, hotels, condominiums, apartments, high-rises, health clubs, high-schools, colleges, waterparks, professional sports teams training facilities, etc. These facilities can be as simple as a small wading pool or kiddie pool and as elaborate as an Olympic-sized competition pool with stainless steel auxiliary surge recovery gutters and competition diving well. Waterparks are the largest form of the public pool, and some can accommodate thousands of bathers simultaneously and filter millions of gallons of water constantly. Generally speaking, due to the large amount of bathers and larger vessels and gallonage, the filtration, heating, and sanitizing requirements of commercial pools are greater than a typical residential pool. Therefore, filter systems are larger and more robust, heaters are larger, and chemical treatment systems are more robust.


Platinum Pools is approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) as an approved commercial swimming pool contractor.