Preventing Saltwater Problems

Many salt-related issues can be avoided through proper knowledge of the causes and an effective maintenance regimen.

Scale, stains and cloudy water are the most common challenges with saltwater pools — but only if they are not maintained correctly.

Proper maintenance goes a long way toward avoiding common problems in these pools. Watching for early signs can also help you prevent potential issues from escalating into obvious problems.

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Friday, 06 April 2012 21:20

Ever want to swim like a mermaid? Now you can!

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You get realistic mermaid tails for swimming. There are 5 different colors and tails for merman. The Magictail comes with fishstyle shaped monofin. A dream comes true.

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Friday, 06 April 2012 20:59

Incredible 24-carat gold hot tub

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24-Karat Gold Hot Tub

As children Giacomo Arcaro and Roberto Martini dreamed about a luxury life – of bathing in diamonds and relaxing in a tub of gold.

Obviously, for most people this is a fantasy much too rich to afford, and the same went for Arcaro and Martini. However, the lack of riches didn't stop these two Italian designers from acquiring exactly what they wanted.

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Pool side party ideas

There's hardly anyone who doesn't love a pool party. Your pool is the best party venue for the summer. Your backyard, the pool, food and drinks with the set of your friends is all that you need to party. Pool parties can be a close family fun affair, especially with the kids off in the pool the adults hitting the lounge around with good food and comfortable conversations, poolside parties are the easiest and most likeable ways to party

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