Super Simple

Don't stress over pool and spa maintenance tasks.

f you're like most pool owners, you want to have a shimmering, refreshing oasis in your backyard. And, you want to be outdoors enjoying it, not fussing with maintenance tasks.

While proper upkeep of your investment is vital if you want it to continue offering enjoyment for years to come, you shouldn't stress out about it. Many cleaning and maintenance options are available to you.

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Arm floaties aren't enough

Kids love the water, so when people think of swimming pools, the mental image often includes frolicking kids as well. Kids who grew up with a pool are often good swimmers, but many others don't have that skill. Parents buy the "water wings" or "arm floaties" but unfortunately, many assume that this is a substitute for experience and ability in the pool. Many children drown in their own family swimming pools because no one was watching and the floaties slipped off.

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Tuesday, 03 April 2012 12:40

Tips for sprucing up your patio this spring

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From Patio to Paradise

As we welcome spring and warmer weather, we all look forward to spending more time outdoors. But your patio may not be in outdoor living condition after a long winter. Don't worry; there are numerous ways you can quickly spruce up your patio. You'll go from patio to paradise in no time; just take a look at the following patio makeover tips:

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Underwater hockey nationals in Cornwall

CORNWALL — They'll be hitting the water in Cornwall, with a national title on the line.

The Canadian Underwater Hockey Nationals will be held in Cornwall, from May 25-27.

NAV?CENTRE?will host the event, with more than 100 athletes from up to 13 teams from across the country expected to participate in the competition.

It's being organized by the Canadian Underwater Games Association, in association with the Cornwall Underwater Hockey Club. Players of all ages will be in attendance as the National Championships are open to all players: juniors, men, women, and masters.

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Tuesday, 03 April 2012 12:23

Learn to swim like a water polo player

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Head-up Freestyle in Water Polo

The most obvious difference between swimming and water polo is the presence of a ball. In order to efficiently move the ball from one end of the pool to the other, swimmers need to learn to swim freestyle with their head up. Head-up freestyle swimming is important to the game of water polo for a number of reasons:

* It allows the player to keep his eye on the ball at all times.

* It gives the player control over where the ball goes.

* It keeps the player aware of the playing environment.

* It allows for communication with other teammates.

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