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The top ten reasons to own a swimming pool

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10 Reasons to Own a Pool


Owning a swimming pool is like being on permanent vacation: it's always a great day and tomorrow will be a great day too. The entire family will think they've moved to paradise.


A backyard swimming pool is always a fun place. No matter how it is used - for games, for relaxation, or for exercise - the pool experience is pure enjoyment at its finest.


Most children naturally love water. Just wait until they learn to swim! What better, healthier environment is there than a place they can go and be themselves - the fish of the family?

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Some great ideas for your outdoor landscape design

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Backyard Paradise

March 28, 2012 by patiohearthblog

There are many ways to spice up an outdoor-kitchen experience. By combining the right appliances and accessories, it's possible to create a vacation atmosphere right at home. Everything from colorful umbrellas and outdoor rugs to entertainment centers and fireplaces will enhance the outdoor-living experience. With so many options available, deciding how to spruce up a backyard or patio kitchen can be daunting. Here are a couple of products that will liven up any outdoor space.

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Just Add Water

(ARA) - The choice came down to two houses for Jack and Carrie Evans. Both were in the same lovely suburban Atlanta neighborhood where their children could actually walk to an excellent elementary school. The houses were similar in size and amenities.

"One," Jack said, "had a larger master bedroom and a slightly bigger kitchen." "And a sexier bathroom," Carol adds.

"But the other had a pool," Jack said. "We went with the pool."


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Teach Your Children Well: Shower before Swimming

You are heading off to your community pool. The mental check list goes...

Sunscreen? Yes.

Bathing suit? Of course.

Shower? Probably not.

Although the "shower before you swim" rule is consistently posted at community pools, a new University of Michigan report shows parents of young children do not appreciate the role showering plays in keeping swimming pools safe for the community (see video). Whereas 64 percent of parents understand it is very important for children to avoid swallowing pool water, only 26 percent believe it very important to shower before swimming. This study highlights the need to educate parents on swimmer hygiene.


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Tanglewood man finds venomous snakes in pool

Pool cleaners say call pest control

A Tanglewood homeowner made a dangerous discovery while cleaning his pool and getting it ready for the summer swim season. He saw a highly venomous water moccasin lurking under the surface.

"I was thinking that's a snake. I need to get him out of there," said E. Ted Davis. "It's not fun to have him in your pool."

Davis said he knew the snake was poisonous because he could see its triangular head.


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